Google AdWords 
We use Google AdWords to track visitor interaction with our site in order to measure the success of our advertising and target it more effectively. Google collects details of the adverts with which you interact, pages you view and the time you viewed them, the features of your browser, and your IP address. For more information on how Google handles the data it collects, see Google’s privacy policy
To opt out of Google AdWords tracking on our site, see the Google AdWords section of our cookie policy. To opt out of Google AdWords tracking on all sites, see Google’s Ad Settings
Lawful basis for processing: Pursuance of our legitimate interests 
Why? To allow us to analyse the effectiveness of our advertising 
Online Quote Cookie 
If you fill in the Price Engine form on our website we will set a cookie on your browser. This is only to store the items you get a quote for so we can then provide a total price. 
You may disable cookies within your browser 
Online Quote Contact Form Completions 
Your details are stored securely in an encrypted database over a secure SSL connection on UK based hardware. They are only accessed by the owner of this website and are not passed on to any third party. Please contact us if you would like to see your data, or have it deleted.